Slowly I trotted beside these three rusty train tracks wondering where everyone was.The train station was isolated and cold no one was to be found. I found the whole place quite sinister like but I still continued my journey. While no trains were coming I decided to walk steadily across the train tracks the……..as it came rushing towards us I bolted out of there as fast as I could and got back on the platform suddenly more and more people arrived and It got way too packed. I could barely see the floor and the unlit airspace above me.

colour poems


Grey is the sky on a cloudy day

It is the rain trickling down from the dull and gloomy sky

And is the thunderbolts rapidly dashing down

From the unlit airspace. Grey is a timeless colour.


Yellow is the vibrant sun beaming on our faces

It is the sunflowers uncontrollably bursting from the

Juiceless ground and is the lemonade on a scorching

Hot day. Yellow is the colour of happiness.


Black is the colour of the frightening dark

It is the dusky charcoal smudge on my canvas

It is the colour of horrifying nightmares

Black is the colour of horror

100wc – 3

Another day and yet another mystery to solve. My lovely neighbour, Mrs Smiths orange crocodile statue got stolen a few days ago. My dad was telling her about how I’m a “detective” but I’m not a detective I just love solving mystery’s, so she wanted me to investigate. While I was walking up Mrs Smith’s pathway I noticed big wide doors. *knock *knock. she answered the door with a miserable smile almost like she was going to burst into tears. She was talking over and over about the story of how she got her crocodile. she was so heartbroken that within a second she collapsed.


I was dizzy, my head was throbbing in pain. I fell to the ground in agony, I was surrounded by plants and trees. Blood streaming down from my head. I heard a faint voice from behind me, I was afraid and worried. A creepy old man tried to make me eat something but it didn’t look edible . I just couldn’t eat something so………DISGUSTING.I tried to speak but i couldn’t, it started to get darker as the minutes went by the creepy man left and i was all alone. It started to get more humid,a gust of wind blew in my face as i ran out of the woods.

Global warming

Global warming will affect us and the environment in many ways. The impacts of global warming (climate change) , like the increase in temperatures which will effected the animals living in Antarctica and melt all the ice, also will change some extreme weather events and rising sea levels. This will effect our health e.g the water we drink and the air we breath.

Greenhouse gases are one of the effects of global warming and it’s also a bit toxic. Greenhouse gas can cause skin cancer and other severe diseases.

We can stop greenhouse gas by, reduce,reuse and recycle,use less air conditioning ,change your light bulbs ,drive less and drive smart,use less hot water and use the “off “switch.

these are the effects and ways we can stop global warming and greenhouse gases from affecting our everyday lives.




I sat motionless peering through the stained glass windows wondering what was in front of me. A hand started to reach out, I roughly grabbed it and it rapidly vanished from sight. I sat back down, thousands of thoughts crossed my mind, I keep thinking about that hand. That poor person, I wonder who it could be? The same hand appeared again I tried to stay away from it but I couldn’t. I need to find out who and what it is! Other people started to surround the room. I was agitated, hoping that it would go away but it didn’t.

pretty little liars review

From the first episode I was hooked.I would call this show “ADDICTING”. With the  mysterious following the girls every footstep, all I wanted to know was the Idenity of A. The quality of this show is Impressive from the cast to the set It was just overwhelming. I”ve never felt this thrilled about a show before. I couldn’t wait  to get home from school and watch It all afternoon. I know TV is bad for you but with watching this show i couldn’t care less.

It is definitely worth to watch It all. Mystery,love and sadness you couldn’t want more. This TV show really stands out from others because the main characters are just astonishing Aria,Emily,Spencer and Hanna are the most breathtaking group of friends. Text messages , threads , trying to find there dead friend Alison and unplanned meet ups with A. It is definitely a TV show you don’t want to miss!.